Disney Movie Magic Express Illuminated Train Set

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Now arriving: the Disney Movie Magic Express Train Set, your ticket to a wondrous world filled with all the wonder and enchantment of all your favorite animated Disney films.

Licensed by Disney, your train set arrives with the Disney Magic Diesel Locomotive, the Snow White Movie Magic Combine Car, the Bambi Movie Magic Combine Car, and a 14-piece track set, power pack and speed controller, a $100 value, yours FREE.

Led by the colorful locomotive with its spectacular Disney artwork, each of the train cars is constructed of a fine polymer.

Film frames along the side of each car recreate your favorite scenes from the top-ranked Disney animated movie classics, while the top of each car showcases an illuminated filmstrip starring the beloved characters that make these films masterpieces.

It lights up! The locomotive boasts a real working headlamp, and, because of the unique polymer material, each train car glows from within, magically illuminating the stunning artwork on their sides and tops

  • An exciting addition to any Disney train display and an outstanding gift for a fellow Disney movie fan
  • Train cars run on HO gauge train track; complete oval track measures 47″ x 38″; 119.4 cm x 96.5 cm

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